Crime and the law

Crime and the law

Weinstein: heading for a #MeToo mistrial?

The media have already pronounced him guilty.

31 May 2018

Even Holocaust deniers deserve free speech

Alison Chabloz’s songs are grotesque but she shouldn’t be criminalised.

30 May 2018

Tommy Robinson is no free-speech martyr

Prejudicing a court case is not a free-speech issue.

28 May 2018

We have to stop saying ‘Asian grooming gangs’

‘Asian’ has become a way of avoiding mentioning the M-word.

16 May 2018

The ugliness of the knife-crime debate

Both sides treat black and Asian communities like children.

3 May 2018

Cosby’s conviction is a hollow victory

The politicisation of this trial will forever taint its verdict.

1 May 2018

After Toronto: a moral panic about men

‘Toxic masculinity’ does not explain recent brutal killings.

27 April 2018

The tragic battle over Alfie Evans

It is the doctors and courts who are playing God here.

19 April 2018

The real scandal of the Ulster Rugby rape trial

Punishing men who were found not guilty makes a mockery of justice.

11 April 2018

Another moral panic about rap

‘Drill’ music is not the cause of youth violence.