Crime and the law

23 December 2014

The ‘I believers’: a law unto themselves

In 2014, an official willingness to believe complainants damaged key legal principles.

22 December 2014

Torture report: war is no place for the law

No one benefits from the invasion of lawyers into the sphere of war.

22 December 2014

Beware Theresa May’s relationship police

If ‘controlling behaviour’ is made a criminal offence, no relationship is safe.

17 December 2014

Serial: the limits to reasonable doubt

This chilling true-crime podcast series makes a timely stand for the presumption of innocence.

9 December 2014

We should cross-examine this watering down of justice

Protecting witnesses from tough questioning deals a body blow to justice.

3 December 2014

It shouldn’t be a crime to be a bad parent

The Cinderella Law will make everyday family life a criminal matter.

28 November 2014

After Ferguson: no, the US is not ‘congenitally racist’

The shooting was terrible. But so is the fatalism of much of the response.