Crime and the law

8 February 2016

Assange: the absurdity of international law

Yes, this ruling was mad. But UK officials only have themselves to blame.

4 February 2016

It was right to acquit Doug Richard

The case of the ex-Dragons’ Den star exposes the necessary complexity of the law.

29 January 2016

The ECHR is not working

The European Court of Human Rights should not be ruling on workplace matters.

25 January 2016

In dystopian Britain, the police now hunt down ‘pre-rapists’

Sexual Risk Orders are ripping apart liberty and due process.

25 January 2016

The Litvinenko inquiry: more harm than good

Was there any merit to holding this public inquiry?

20 January 2016

Why rape defendants shouldn’t be anonymous

Granting anonymity to men charged with rape will damage the justice system.

13 January 2016

Making a Murderer: an uncertain truth

The latest Netflix series shows the crucial importance of doubt.

4 January 2016

Cosby showtrial: is the accuser holy now?

The whispers about Cosby have chilling echoes of Salem.

29 December 2015

Lord Janner: you can’t try a dead man

It would be a perversion of justice to put the deceased on trial.