Crime and the law

12 February 2015

New rape laws: turning sex into a crime

Rape laws in England and Wales have become terrifyingly Kafkaesque.

10 February 2015

Matthew Shepard and the gatekeepers of gay orthodoxy

Stephen Jimenez talks to Mark Adnum about the truth behind the myth.

3 February 2015

Clare’s Law and the end of human intimacy

The flurry of domestic-violence disclosures is nothing to celebrate.

28 January 2015

How to prevent terrorism in five easy steps!

Jon Holbrook’s top tips for playing your role in the fight against terrorism.

26 January 2015

Journalists should not be ‘beneath the law’, either

The trials of UK tabloid reporters reveal the state’s contempt for press freedom.

20 January 2015

Stuart Kerner: a criminal conviction for being foolish

A teacher having sex with a 16-year-old pupil should not be a legal matter.

20 January 2015

From food to sex: what is consent?

Everyday life contains far more grey areas than our laws will allow.

9 January 2015

Football needs to grow a pair and defend Ched Evans

And: We need to tackle the intolerance of the anti-Evans mob.

6 January 2015

This persecution of Ched Evans is medieval

It is not up to Twittermobs to decide how ex-cons live their lives.