Crime and the law

28 August 2015

Rape culture and the crisis of intimacy

A new book warns of the threats posed by the obsession with rape.

13 August 2015

Regulating sex: the fear of intimacy

Students’ feelings of vulnerability are driving the regulation of sex on campus.

13 August 2015

Don’t call the Bradford teacher stabbing racist

Dismissing a youth’s violent act as racism is a cop-out

10 August 2015

Compo culture goes up in smoke

A recent ludicrous case shows just how unreliable group claims are.

6 August 2015

Cosby: convicted by social-media showtrial

The Cosby case confirms the ideal of justice is in a parlous state.

30 July 2015

How English libel laws dent free speech across the globe

A Russian case heard in London exposed the unjustness of our laws.

30 July 2015

Kangaroo courts on campus: a legal travesty

Hearing sexual-assault claims in campus courts is a terrible idea.

29 July 2015

The legal tyranny of gay marriage

When judges get to rule on political issues, the demos loses out.