Crime and the law

24 April 2014

Family court reform: a disaster for parents

In the name of efficiency, the Children and Families Act will make it easier to take children away from their parents.

14 April 2014

Nigel Evans trial: UK prosecutors are playing God

This showtrial gave us disturbing insights into the cult of the victim.

10 April 2014

‘Victims’ justice’ is no justice at all

Labour is using victims of crime as an excuse to undermine centuries of hard-won rights for defendants.

3 April 2014

Cinderella Law: the Grimm fiction of emotional abuse

New child-neglect laws will criminalise normal aspects of parenting.

26 March 2014

How UK judges forgot the meaning of ‘liberty’

A recent ruling of the UK Supreme Court treats disabled people in good care as if they were prisoners.

13 March 2014

Stephen Lawrence: why politicians can’t let go

It’s easier for politicians and senior police officers to focus on the sins of the past than confront the present.

27 February 2014

Woolwich: butchery is not a thought crime

How the court managed to turn the murderers of Lee Rigby into martyrs.

27 February 2014

MPs, not Euro-judges, should make our laws

A court ruling on life sentences last week was a welcome reaffirmation of parliamentary sovereignty.

19 February 2014

Yewtree: more propaganda than police investigation

The failure of a few prosecutions won't stop the crusade.