Crime and the law

3 May 2016

Hillsborough: a few truths they still want to hide

The cover-ups around the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans are not over yet.

27 April 2016

Afrika Bambaataa: convicted by Twitter trial

The war on statutes of limitation is bad for justice.

26 April 2016

Why feminists are so down on sex

Meet the puritans who think sex is bad for women.

11 April 2016

Why Kesha deserved to lose

The pop star's claims were flakey and stale, and didn't stand up.

30 March 2016

The Ghomeshi trial and the cult of #ibelievewomen

This acquittal has exposed the ugly excesses of modern feminism.

29 March 2016

Stop treating football fans like second-class citzens

Discriminatory laws are ruining the beautiful game.

22 March 2016

No end in sight to paedo hysteria

Operation Midland may have closed, but the elite obsession with child abuse continues.

7 March 2016

Corbyn is right – prostitution must be decriminalised

We shouldn't punish sex work. We shouldn't celebrate it, either.

7 March 2016

‘Rape culture made me do it’

Feminists have lent the likes of Adam Johnson an excuse.

7 March 2016

The real epidemic at UCD? Lad-bashing

A bogus ‘revenge porn’ scandal shows how nasty campus feminism has become.