Crime and the law

29 June 2015

Janner: when therapy trumps justice

A senile old lord is being subjected to a showtrial.

Feminism and the turn against Enlightenment

The new feminism is the gloss on the West’s loss of faith in itself.

8 June 2015

We must not give in to the rape panic

The public must challenge the idea that rape is everywhere.

5 June 2015

‘Human rights have turned the idea of liberty on its head’

Jon Holbrook says the Human Rights Act makes a mockery of Magna Carta.

3 June 2015

Bursting the prohibitionist balloon

The Tory ban on ‘psychoactive substances’ is deeply authoritarian.

2 June 2015

The snooper’s charter: Labour’s illiberal legacy

Westminster’s war on privacy predates the Tory majority.

1 June 2015

The inhumanity of Britain’s surrogacy laws

Forcing a surrogate mum to part with her child is an outrage.