3 April 2008

The party’s over in India’s capital of fun

Sadhvi Sharma, a long-time vistor to Goa, reports on how the seaside resort has been remade as a mini police-state following the tragic murder of a British teenager.

10 January 2008

One short drive for a man, one giant leap for mankind

All hail ‘The People’s Car’, which could liberate Indians from their (bicycle) chains.

30 October 2007

Toilets for all! A brief history of the WC

The seventh World Toilet Summit kicks off in New Delhi tomorrow, and its message is clear: people in the developing world need lavatories.

Do they hate Mumbai because it’s modern?

Some thoughts on this week's terror on the trains.

India: where a movie star is more than a movie star

Why did 60,000 film fans riot in Bangalore following the death of an old actor? Alexander Zaitchik reports from New Delhi.

21 May 2004

Indian mutiny

Behind the shock results of India's elections.

30 August 2001

Extinct arguments

Will another species be extinct by the time you finish reading this article - or are extinction rates blown up out of proportion?

7 August 2001

TB: what to do?

Without a local healthcare system, tuberculosis will continue to ravage rural India. Kirk Leech reports on his time in Gujarat.

29 March 2001

On training in India

Cows, eggs and 'no spitting zones'.

8 March 2001

Dam campaigns

The Narmada dam in India has met with opposition from campaign groups. But as Kirk Leech reports from Gujarat, many of the locals welcome it.