How to make blackouts a thing of the past

The key to providing for our energy needs is technological development, not sterile rows about energy sources.

14 February 2012

The real reason we should cut aid to India

When Britain begs India to keep taking handouts, you know aid is more about nourishing soulless Westerners than feeding hungry Southerners.

16 January 2012

Putting tribespeople in a human zoo

In demanding the utter isolation of Third World tribes, Survival International turns communities into freakshows.

30 August 2011

Anna Hazare: apostle of political hygiene

James Woudhuysen reports from India on why the middle-class warriors against corruption aren’t so heroic.

18 August 2011

Sterilise yourself and win a car!

The bribing of Indians to stop having babies is not that different to the moral blackmail used by Western Malthusians.

3 August 2010

David Cameron and the death of diplomacy

The PM’s Israel-upsetting, Pakistan-isolating world tour shows that celebrity-style badmouthing has taken the place of diplomatic nicety.

1 October 2009

Are we witnessing ‘the rise of the rest’?

The elevation of the G20 over the G8 has prompted talk of an international power shift. The reality is more complicated.

27 July 2009

Hands off India’s carbon emissions!

Hillary Clinton’s pressure on India to shrink its ‘carbon footprint’ is little more than eco-imperialism.

16 July 2009

Watch TV instead of having sex

Sadhvi Sharma reports from Bombay on one Indian official’s mad scheme for reducing the number of poor people.

2 July 2009

You say Dilli, I say Delhi

Rebranding Indian cities, streets and landmarks with ‘authentic’ Hindi names is parochial and chauvinistic, says Bombayite Sadhvi Sharma.