28 July 2014

End of the road for the Andaman Islanders?

Survival International wants to keep an entire island’s inhabitants living in the Stone Age.

23 May 2014

Modi, Conchita and Farage: three men of the people?

In our new podcast, we discuss the clash between the elites and the public.

20 May 2014

India: the end of Congress, not the end of the world

Western wailing about ‘fascistic’ Modi reveals a contempt for Indian democracy.

11 April 2014

India's election: the world’s largest question mark

Dolan Cummings on the biggest election in the history of mankind.

20 January 2014

Saving the girl child or destroying women’s rights?

An Indian pro-choice activist on the damage done by the ‘gendercide’ panic.

17 January 2014

Three cheers for India’s triumph over polio

India is to be declared polio-free - a testament to economic growth’s benefits.

23 December 2013

2013: the space race goes East

While the West dismisses space exploration, India and China are making giant leaps for mankind.

20 November 2013

India’s marvellous mission to Mars

India's bid to reach the red planet is a cause for celebration, not cynicism.

1 November 2013

The truth about India’s ‘gendercide’

The ‘missing millions’ of Indian women are as much a product of the Western obsession with overpopulation as misogyny.

7 January 2013

After the Delhi rape, a deluge of authoritarianism

An Indian writer asks: if the protests about that awful gang rape really are progressive, why are they leading to less freedom?