Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
23 February 2017

Censorship and art don’t mix

Galleries must be free to exhibit offensive, even bigoted, work.

22 February 2017

PewDiePie is not an anti-Semite

Why is the media smearing this juvenile YouTuber?

20 February 2017

The Moorside: how the other half doesn’t live

The BBC’s dramatisation of the Shannon Matthews case expresses the worldview of a cut-off elite.

17 February 2017

Fahrenheit 451 is a better guide than 1984

Ray Bradbury foretold the tyranny of ‘You Can’t Say That!’.

14 February 2017

David Hockney: from the sun to the sublime

Hockney at his best shows us that we often look but rarely see.

13 February 2017

The Grammys isn’t racist...’s just painfully out-of-touch.

8 February 2017

Toni Erdmann: the humanism of comedy

It has taken a German film to show Hollywood how to do humour.

26 January 2017

Sorry, Saatchi, but selfies aren’t art

Please don’t hang drunken snaps from Tinder next to Velázquez.

25 January 2017

John Berger’s ways of seeing

The art critic and the search for meaning.