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Arts & Culture
27 March 2017

Destroy the Emmett Till painting? This is hysteria 

The destruction of artworks is censorship at its ugliest.

20 March 2017

The king is dead

RIP Chuck Berry, inventor of popular music.

17 March 2017

Elle: empowerment in darkness

Verhoeven’s rape-revenge thriller is his most startling film to date.

10 March 2017

Bill Leak: a free‑speech hero

Brendan O'Neill pays tribute to the great Australian cartoonist.

8 March 2017

Ed Sheeran: the master of bland

Pop’s arch careerist knows how to make money, if not great music.

7 March 2017

Sorry Riz, but quotas aren’t the answer

The obsession with diversity is a creative dead end.

3 March 2017

The art of revolution

The RA’s Russian Revolution show captures the idealism of 1917 – and the gloom of what followed.

2 March 2017

Meet the conceptual artist in revolt against the art world

Miriam Elia tells Wendy Earle why she's rebelling against the art world.

27 February 2017

Sensitivity readers, save us from offence!

Art must be policed and all insensitivity expunged.

24 February 2017

Return to The Cherry Orchard

Chekhov’s play on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.