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26 September 2003

Something less boring instead

Last of the Summer Wine, Blind Date, David Kelly's suicide....why they are all TV turn-offs.

18 September 2003

TV UK, 18 September

Two new dramas fall for different kinds of love.

18 September 2003

Hard Cash and soft men

What Johnny Cash means to the Nick Hornby generation.

18 September 2003

The Blaine game

The best way to make a magician in a box disappear is to ignore him.

11 September 2003

TV UK, 11 September

On jumping London and sexing up Chaucer.

5 September 2003

TV UK, 5 September

Sex, drugs and the BBC.

28 August 2003

TV UK, 28 August

Cinderella, thesps and socialists: the unreality of the Edinburgh Festival.

26 August 2003

From one extreme to another

A film aficionado has had it up to here with blood, guts and gore.

26 August 2003

All the square's a stage

Can Ken Livingstone's 'amazing parade of giant giraffe puppets' reclaim Trafalgar Square for Londoners?

22 August 2003

TV UK, 22 August

Ewan McGregor's surly intellectual in Young Adam sounds like a recruitment officer at Glasgow Caledonian University.