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Arts & Culture

Gangsta pantomime

Eminem's critics take him far more seriously than he takes himself.

5 June 2003

Cultural degeneration

Will the Capital of Culture award regenerate run-down Liverpool?

4 June 2003

Taking creativity to task

A new book by Barbican director John Tusa gives the lie to the UK government's assertion that 'everyone is creative'.

22 May 2003

Eurovision loses its focus

The Song Contest has been spoiled by acts that actually want to have a proper music career.

7 January 2003

Gangsta rap crap

Music doesn't turn kids into killers - nor can it make them all saints.

3 January 2003

Joe Strummer and me

The deceased punk icon might not have changed the world, but he saved my life.

31 October 2002

TV UK, 31 October

The Sheffield International Documentary Festival broadened TV's horizons.