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Arts & Culture
17 December 2003

Does it matter if you're black or white?

How Jacko's creeping whiteness coloured perceptions of the popstar, long before he was accused of anything else.

11 December 2003

TV UK, 11 December

Bedsitcom blues.

4 December 2003

TV UK, 4 December

Charles II captures contemporary misgivings about democracy.

4 December 2003

Never mind the league tables

What about education?

27 November 2003

TV UK, 27 November

Celebrities, gods and the Baghdad Blogger.

24 November 2003

Said's legacy

The London Review of Books hosts a memorial debate on Palestinian scholar Edward Said.

24 November 2003

Burying the evidence

A report by the UK government's 'Human Remains Working Group' shrouds history in mystery, to the detriment of science.

20 November 2003

Sex, death (and art)

Many visitors were left unmoved by the 'Stomach Turner Prize'.

20 November 2003

Conceptual art

What's the idea?

20 November 2003

TV UK, 20 November

It's tough being 14 on Channel 4.