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26 March 2004

Space invaders

If the authorities want to give public places their soul back, they should leave them alone.

18 March 2004

TV UK, 18 March

While Gunpowder, Treason and Plot played fast and loose with history, it did manage a right-on pop at sectarianism.

11 March 2004

TV UK, 11 March

Dramatic reconstruction is bunk.

5 March 2004

TV UK, 5 March

Fact and fiction about doctors and nurses.

3 March 2004

Britain’s homegrown identity crisis

Immigrants are not causing the confusion over common values.

3 March 2004

The geek shall inherit the Earth

The Lord of the Rings' Oscar sweep points to a society that is happier inhabiting Middle-Earth than confronting life in the real world.

26 February 2004

The end of the affairs

Was Sex and the City's climax a triumph for romance, or did the girls simply grow up?

19 February 2004

Examination, examination, examination

Forget this endless exam reform - bring back education.

18 February 2004

What school rules?

Unless schools set high academic standards, they will never get the buggers to behave. A teacher writes.

12 February 2004

The unspeakable is here to stay

Words can still shock us - even if Johnny Rotten's c-word rant couldn't.