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Arts & Culture
28 August 2003

TV UK, 28 August

Cinderella, thesps and socialists: the unreality of the Edinburgh Festival.

26 August 2003

From one extreme to another

A film aficionado has had it up to here with blood, guts and gore.

26 August 2003

All the square's a stage

Can Ken Livingstone's 'amazing parade of giant giraffe puppets' reclaim Trafalgar Square for Londoners?

22 August 2003

TV UK, 22 August

Ewan McGregor's surly intellectual in Young Adam sounds like a recruitment officer at Glasgow Caledonian University.

22 August 2003

The Dream in one dimension

America-bashing makes for bad shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

7 August 2003

TV UK, 7 August

From the Edinburgh Fringe: Falklands nostalgia, the war on terror, and painting Saddam.

31 July 2003

TV UK, 31 July

Faultlines documents not so much the rise of religion as the demise of politics.

29 July 2003

Capturing the Friedmans

One US documentary shows why it is imperative to pursue the truth - even in the ugliest situations.

24 July 2003

Dead poets' society

Why Philip Larkin's private misdemeanours have become a public obsession.

24 July 2003

TV UK, 24 July

It is an achievement that a 'drama' of Philip Larkin's life is even remotely watchable.