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Arts & Culture
6 February 2004

TV UK, 6 February

Drunk and Dangerous in Cardiff.

4 February 2004

‘Man’s bullshit’ and other wars

Why Cold Mountain has gained a warm reception.

30 January 2004

The chilling of investigative journalism

Law lords should not judge what reporters can and cannot say.

30 January 2004

BBC: cut the crap

The BBC is a broadcaster, not a political opposition.

22 January 2004

The Last Samurai

The battle scenes in Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster are superb - so long as you ignore their moral message.

16 January 2004

TV UK, 16 January

Wall of Silence: a two-dimensional docudrama, but it works.

14 January 2004

Selling out universities

Having accepted the marketisation of higher education, critics of top-up fees have lost the argument.

13 January 2004

Picking over the Parthenon

The cooling of national passions reveals the real reason why the Elgin Marbles belong in Bloomsbury.

8 January 2004

TV UK, 8 January

Lord Winston's cowboy child psychology.

30 December 2003

TV UK, 30 December

Amidst the furniture sale ads, thank God for The Office.