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Arts & Culture
18 March 2004

TV UK, 18 March

While Gunpowder, Treason and Plot played fast and loose with history, it did manage a right-on pop at sectarianism.

11 March 2004

TV UK, 11 March

Dramatic reconstruction is bunk.

5 March 2004

TV UK, 5 March

Fact and fiction about doctors and nurses.

3 March 2004

Britain’s homegrown identity crisis

Immigrants are not causing the confusion over common values.

3 March 2004

The geek shall inherit the Earth

The Lord of the Rings' Oscar sweep points to a society that is happier inhabiting Middle-Earth than confronting life in the real world.

26 February 2004

The end of the affairs

Was Sex and the City's climax a triumph for romance, or did the girls simply grow up?

19 February 2004

Examination, examination, examination

Forget this endless exam reform - bring back education.

18 February 2004

What school rules?

Unless schools set high academic standards, they will never get the buggers to behave. A teacher writes.

12 February 2004

The unspeakable is here to stay

Words can still shock us - even if Johnny Rotten's c-word rant couldn't.

12 February 2004

TV UK, 12 February

Angels in America was a ridiculously overblown, overhyped and self-consciously worthy luvviefest, but let's not hold that against it.