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Arts & Culture
30 January 2004

BBC: cut the crap

The BBC is a broadcaster, not a political opposition.

22 January 2004

The Last Samurai

The battle scenes in Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster are superb - so long as you ignore their moral message.

16 January 2004

TV UK, 16 January

Wall of Silence: a two-dimensional docudrama, but it works.

14 January 2004

Selling out universities

Having accepted the marketisation of higher education, critics of top-up fees have lost the argument.

13 January 2004

Picking over the Parthenon

The cooling of national passions reveals the real reason why the Elgin Marbles belong in Bloomsbury.

8 January 2004

TV UK, 8 January

Lord Winston's cowboy child psychology.

30 December 2003

TV UK, 30 December

Amidst the furniture sale ads, thank God for The Office.

30 December 2003

Through Enlightened eyes

The British Museum's new exhibition captures the spirit of the age of reason.

23 December 2003

Big Read, small vision

Who needs another 'best of' list?

23 December 2003

TV UK, 23 December

The spirit of 'Christmas Specials'.