Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture

Bonfire of the investment opportunities

What were so many contemporary artworks doing in a warehouse in Leyton?

28 May 2004

TV UK, 28 May

History documentaries get personal.

26 May 2004

Conspicuous consumption, a century on

The owner of a new tweed jacket revisits Veblen's Theory of the Leisure Class.

26 May 2004

Not enough Culture Online

State-sponsored chatrooms don't increase public access to culture.

21 May 2004

TV UK, 21 May

Why are TV shows about buying, building or bettering our homes dominating the schedules?

19 May 2004

That joke isn’t funny anymore

How eternal misfit Morrissey became a man of our times.

14 May 2004


In a new photography exhibition, the remnants of the Troubles remain stuck between past and present.

Football Factory fodder

The response to a new film about hooligans suggests that while the soccerati might like football, they don’t like its fans.

13 May 2004

TV UK, 13 May

Are murderers made in trailer parks?

TV UK, 7 May

A grotesque morality tale masquerading as a teenage musical? Whatever.