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Football Factory fodder

The response to a new film about hooligans suggests that while the soccerati might like football, they don’t like its fans.

13 May 2004

TV UK, 13 May

Are murderers made in trailer parks?

TV UK, 7 May

A grotesque morality tale masquerading as a teenage musical? Whatever.

29 April 2004

TV UK, 29 April

Bad scallops and failing schools.

28 April 2004

Good gay, bad gay

On paper, Monster is a queer activist's movie nightmare - so why no backlash?

28 April 2004

The object of art museums

James Cuno, director of London's Courtauld Institute of Art, believes that museums should stick to what they do best rather than trying to be schools or daycare centres.

27 April 2004

Taking Tarantino to task

The Kill Bill circus is a product of a culture incapable of doing a definitive version of anything.

22 April 2004

TV UK, 22 April

Blood, guts and abortion.

22 April 2004

‘It’s stifling, that feeling of falseness’

Ricky Gervais talks to Ed Barrett about The Office and offices.

16 April 2004

TV UK, 16 April

The Opera Babes in Jerusalem discover the true meaning of Easter.