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Arts & Culture
13 August 2004

TV UK, 13 August

Getting into the anti-Olympic spirit.

6 August 2004

A ‘Stepford wife’ of a remake

Frank Oz's new version of the 70s feminist-thriller flick is a lobotomised clone.

5 August 2004

The writing on the wall

A statue of Justice-in-suspenders is the latest act of adolescent rebellion from London's guerrilla graffiti artist.

5 August 2004

TV UK, 5 August

The Shield shows that good drama takes time.

30 July 2004

TV UK, 30 July

Old men get grumpy about the sixties.

30 July 2004

Gattaca calling?

High achievement comes from hard work, not from our genetic make-up, says a professor of education.

23 July 2004

TV UK, 23 July

Are there more undercover filmmakers than fascists in the BNP?

23 July 2004

The Peter Parker in us all

Spider-Man 2: why we like our superheroes to flaunt their flaws.

21 July 2004

Class divisions

Who benefits from the 'personalised learning' strategy of dividing school pupils into sub-sets?

14 July 2004

Cinema of cynicism

Michael Moore brings anti-politics to the big screen.