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Arts & Culture

Fifty Shades: an uprising against fun-free feminism

After 50 years of feminism, women want to fantasise about dominant men.

24 February 2015

Give us good art, not ‘socially inclusive’ art

The new policy of cultural democracy is bad for culture and bad for democracy.

23 February 2015

Spiral: the cure to Scandimania

So long to another sweary series of this balls-to-the-wall French drama.

20 February 2015

US satirists have been ‘de-fanged’

Neil Ross reports on an NYC debate on satire apres Charlie.

13 February 2015

Hermann Nitsch: Blood on the museum floor

A Mexican art gallery has turned the pretentious Austrian into a free-speech martyr.

5 February 2015

The Hard Problem: dodging the big questions

Tom Stoppard’s latest play is an insubstantial pageant of artful materialism.