Arts & Culture
Arts & Culture
28 August 2015

The Islamic Republic of France

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission is a powerful novel about the fragility of Western culture.

28 August 2015

Cultural Capital: the myth of Creative Britain

Robert Hewison’s critique of New Labour arts policy misses the point.

27 August 2015

Do disabled acts need a helping hand?

Christian Butler reports on the Edinburgh Fringe’s new push for inclusivity.

26 August 2015

Barbara Hepworth: the last gasp of modernism

The sculptor emerged at a time when artists believed they could change the world.

24 August 2015

Banksy: the master of middle‑class misanthropy

Dismaland is a big fat joke at the masses' expense.

21 August 2015

The biggest threat to comedy? Self-censorship

Yes, most comedians can say what they want. But they don't.