1 April 2008

Is it time to build on the green belt?

Buy your tickets now for the live spiked debate on whether new homes should be built on the green and pleasant lands that circle towns and cities.

5 November 2007

Fifteen myths about the housing crisis

Government slothfulness, combined with the green lobby's snobbery towards the masses and their 'ugly houses', is the cause of Britain's shocking homes shortfall.

1 October 2007

The high price of the UK’s housing shortage

While commentators speculate about a house price crash, it's the failure to build new homes that should worry us.

12 September 2006

Britain’s phantom housing boom

The author of Let’s Build! explains why a booming housing market has not led to the building of new homes – even though we could do with another five million of them.

5 July 2005

Building the houses we need

A new report seeks to demolish the excuses made for Britain's paltry housing stock.