Open borders campaign

Open borders campaign

5 February 2008

Spit in the face of this patronising proposal!

The government wants to educate immigrants about the ‘British way of life’: don’t spit in public; don’t feel people up; don’t forget to put out your rubbish...

31 January 2008

Nul points for the immigrant points system

Nathalie Rothschild reports from the first meeting of the Migration Parliamentary Group, which wants to lead a ‘positive’ debate about migration. It got off to a bad start.

17 January 2008

Why we need an open-door policy

Kicking off spiked's campaign for freedom of movement in 2008, Nathalie Rothschild argues that there's one way to stop illegal immigration: stop making immigration illegal.

1 November 2007

One million new foreign workers? Three cheers!

Down with the ‘cohesion killjoys’ who claim that mass immigration to Britain is causing social breakdown and environmental pollution.

24 July 2007

Let's remake America the 'Land of the Free'

Immigrants to the US are no threat to jobs or security: they're citizens-in-waiting who should be welcomed by all who care for liberty and progress.

If we want open borders, we need open debate

The Oxford students calling for the censure of an anti-immigration professor are selling short both the case for open borders and academic freedom.

1 July 2005

570,000 ‘illegal immigrants’: so what?

Britain is coping just fine with its new arrivals, and could take more still.