Open borders campaign

Open borders campaign

More evidence that trafficking is a myth

A major Irish investigation has failed to find proof of people-smuggling, puncturing the ‘new slavery’ scare.

Don’t close the door to Asian students

Demonising Pakistani students because a handful have been arrested as terror suspects is mad, bad and dangerous.

‘Polish plumber’: you’ll miss him when he’s gone

News of migrants leaving recession-hit Britain has caused panic, even amongst those who didn’t welcome them when they first arrived.

The hidden dangers of the migrant amnesty

Boris Johnson’s proposal of an ‘earned amnesty’ for illegal immigrants sounds progressive. Until you read the small print.

23 February 2009

Britain’s red light to overseas artists

Manick Govinda attacks government restrictions on the unfettered movement of artists into Britain.

9 February 2009

The new slave trade?

The term ‘trafficking’ depoliticises the debate about immigration and makes everyone into a pathetic victim.

17 December 2008

The wrong diagnosis

The ‘doctor-turned-terrorist’ has convinced many that it’s too easy for foreigners to join the NHS. In fact, it’s too hard.

27 November 2008

Prostituting women’s solidarity

The UK government’s call to British women to help combat ‘sex trafficking’ amounts to a crackdown on immigration.

14 November 2008

Immigrants? Let them in

In discussing migrants alongside goods and services, Jason Riley allows the needs of the market to trump the case for unfettered freedom.

29 October 2008

Putting a forcefield around Britain

Jacqui Smith’s plan to keep out of Britain anyone who is not ‘conducive to the public good’ is both illiberal and impractical.