Open borders campaign

Open borders campaign

11 February 2010

Building a fortress around British academia

A new report shows just how devastating, irrational and unfair are the UK’s restrictions on international students.

26 October 2009

‘Rescue’: a new PC term for repatriation

As the sex-trafficking scare is exposed as a tissue of lies, Nathalie Rothschild spells out the need for full freedom of movement for migrants.

26 October 2009

The calm before the immigration storm?

The lack of hysteria at a new influx of refugee boats to Australia has disappointed pro- and anti-refugee groups alike.

1 October 2009

Not all migrants are scruffy, dirty victims

Yes, the residents of the Calais ‘jungle’ have been treated badly, but the no borders case requires a defence of everyone’s right to move.

18 September 2009

Stop this rumble in ‘the jungle’

The French should demolish the migrant slum in Calais — but only after Europe’s inhumane immigration policies have been bulldozed.

26 August 2009

We’re all traffickers now

We should challenge the idea that everything from smoking a spliff to employing an African cleaner is potential complicity in a ‘slave trade’.

In Calais, solidarity with the sans papiers

PHOTO ESSAY: Jessica Mudditt reports on a protest for open borders at the wasteland migrant shanties in France.

16 June 2009

Keep border police out of universities

Patrick Hayes talks to the students occupying the director's office at SOAS in protest against the arrest of nine university cleaners.

At last, a boycott worth supporting

The UK University and College Union’s refusal to snoop on foreign students in Britain should be welcomed.

Why we should smash this intellectual forcefield

Jacqui Smith’s desire to protect Britons from extremist foreigners is patronising, impractical and illiberal.