For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

28 June 2007

Europe: whose Treaty is it anyway?

The people of Europe should have the ultimate say over any EU Treaty. Yet some of those calling for a referendum on the matter are driven by an anti-democratic impulse.

22 July 2005

Europe: Where’s the spirit of liberty now?

EU elites are using the cover of recent terror attacks to take away our freedoms.

13 June 2005

From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived

On both sides of the Atlantic, the political class has become convinced that the people do not know what is best for them.

3 June 2005

For Europe, but not the EU

The French and the Dutch have voted No to the EU Constitution - now the British should be given the chance to do the same, to kick-start a debate on the European supra-state.

No means no

The EU is governance without government

31 May 2005

The reawakening of European democracy

The French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event.

The end of the EU romance

Euro-elites can't decide whether enlargement is a new dawn, or if it's already exhausted.

21 February 2005

Euro-elites desperately seeking demos

The EU constitution expresses the will of a phantom European public.

11 May 2001

10 things I hate about EU

It's boring, illegitimate, technocratic, divisive and bland. Nobody's for it, nobody's against it, it's a retreat from politics and a retreat from economics. And it's a tricky one.