For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

22 November 2012

How the Eurozone is holding Europe back

Before we can kickstart growth and inject democracy into modern Europe, one big thing has to happen: the abolition of the Eurozone.

29 October 2012

The Eurocrats stage a coup d'etat

Europe’s financial crisis is being used to justify the denial of democracy and a permanent state of emergency.

25 October 2012

Making a mockery of the vote

Giving prisoners the vote is neither radical nor progressive, and it will further degrade democracy.

22 August 2012

‘Eurocrats live in an estranged bubble’

Bruno Waterfield answers your questions on EU mandarins, SYRIZA’s disgrace, Germany-bashing and more.

16 August 2012

Let’s get real about
the Eurozone crisis

After five years of Euro chaos, our leaders are still carrying out firefighting exercises rather than coming up with long-term solutions.

26 June 2012

Angela Merkel is
no Adolf Hitler

ESSAY: Today’s radical anti-Merkel lobby echoes Margaret Thatcher, who also wanted to use Euro structures to neuter wicked Germany.

How both right and left have infantilised Greece

The Greek election wasn’t a clash of visions but a competition between alternative forms of responsibility avoidance.

8 June 2012

Sit back and enjoy the football

Ignore the hype and nonsense about Ukrainian fascists and Polish crazies – there’s a footie tournament on.

EU: neither the destroyer nor saviour of Europe

As the Euro crisis intensifies, it’s becoming clear that both Europhiles and Eurosceptics are driven by the same responsibility-shirking instinct.

28 May 2012

Beware the rise of
EU anti-populists

The EU elites’ fear of an imminent Fourth Reich reveals a great deal about their loathing of the European mob.