For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

28 January 2008

If you believe in Europe, then reject this Treaty

Those of us committed to true European ideals should challenge the EU oligarchy's disdain for democracy and demand a referendum.

28 June 2007

Europe: whose Treaty is it anyway?

The people of Europe should have the ultimate say over any EU Treaty. Yet some of those calling for a referendum on the matter are driven by an anti-democratic impulse.

22 July 2005

Europe: Where’s the spirit of liberty now?

EU elites are using the cover of recent terror attacks to take away our freedoms.

13 June 2005

From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived

On both sides of the Atlantic, the political class has become convinced that the people do not know what is best for them.

3 June 2005

For Europe, but not the EU

The French and the Dutch have voted No to the EU Constitution - now the British should be given the chance to do the same, to kick-start a debate on the European supra-state.

No means no

The EU is governance without government

31 May 2005

The reawakening of European democracy

The French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event.

The end of the EU romance

Euro-elites can't decide whether enlargement is a new dawn, or if it's already exhausted.

21 February 2005

Euro-elites desperately seeking demos

The EU constitution expresses the will of a phantom European public.

11 May 2001

10 things I hate about EU

It's boring, illegitimate, technocratic, divisive and bland. Nobody's for it, nobody's against it, it's a retreat from politics and a retreat from economics. And it's a tricky one.