For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

9 July 2009

Vote ‘Yes’ or the economy gets it

Officials are using financial threats to get the right result in the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

10 June 2009

How EU bureaucrats are destroying public life

A majority of Europeans refused to take part in the EU elections not because they don’t understand the EU, but because they do.

Will the Pirates stir up the debate on freedom?

The support for Sweden’s Pirate Party was partly a protest vote against the mainstream, and partly a cry for liberty.

4 June 2009

Taking the politics of fear to a new low

Unable to inspire voters, the isolated, illiberal oligarchs of the EU are using the threat of fantasy fascism to try to force us to be pro-EU.

21 April 2009

‘Why we’re standing in the EU elections’

The British head of Libertas tells spiked about their campaign to fix Europe’s ‘democratic deficit’.

11 March 2009

‘The leaders of the EU are so uninspiring’

Declan Ganley, hated by the Irish elite for opposing the Lisbon Treaty, makes some good points about democracy.

8 December 2008

Are EU deaf or what?

The author of a new EU Phrasebook, launched in Brussels today, analyses European leaders’ utter inability to understand the word ‘No’.

10 September 2008

Hell hath no fury like a Eurocrat scorned

A leaked briefing reveals why officials think they lost the Irish referendum: because there’s ‘too much’ press freedom.

23 June 2008

After the Irish ‘No’ vote: pathologising populism

The EU elites’ Mugabe-style disdain for their populist opponents only shows how cut off they are from the people of Europe.

16 June 2008

Now it’s clear: the EU is an alien imposition in Europe

They have been libelled as an uneducated ‘horde’, yet Irish voters’ rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is a brilliant blow against the EU oligarchy.