For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

30 March 2016

Even pro-EU people don’t like the EU

Why vote to stay in something you know is undemocratic?

30 March 2016

Why I’m pro-Europe, and anti‑EU

The grey Brussels bureaucracy doesn't reflect colourful, dynamic Europe.

18 March 2016

It’s no surprise that Jeremy Clarkson is pro-EU

The former Top Gear presenter is the perfect poster-boy for Remain.

15 March 2016

No, the EU is not a gender issue

Attempts to make the referendum more woman-friendly are insulting.

4 March 2016

From the GOP to the EU: the crumbling of the elites

Sean Collins and Bruno Waterfield discuss the democratic fightback.

For Europe,
against the EU

The progressive’s case for a Brexit.

23 February 2016

You want freedom of movement? Then fight for it

Liberalising migration without first convincing the public is a mistake.

22 February 2016

Love democracy?
Then leave the EU

Why optimists, radicals and progressives should vote out of the EU.

4 February 2016

End this phoney
war over Europe

If nobody likes Cameron’s EU deal, why are they all backing it?

The shocking cost of Holland’s Eurozone membership

Dutch anti-Euro campaigners explain why their leaders have questions to answer.