For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

20 June 2016

For Europe, Against the EU

Watch spiked’s film, making the democratic case for Brexit

16 June 2016

‘The EU has done nothing for workers’ rights’

Doug Nicholls, chair of Trade Unionists Against the EU,
on the mythmaking of left-wing Remainers.

16 June 2016

Labour: for the EU, against the people

Corbyn's party has lost faith in democracy.

14 June 2016

Why the EU has already lost

...and how the Euro football brings out the Remainers' real prejudices.

14 June 2016

The class rift behind the EU debate

The referendum has exposed the elite's contempt for the plebs.

14 June 2016

After the EU: why be afraid of uncertainty?

It’s the uncertainty of democracy that Remainers really fear.

9 June 2016

Sarah Wollaston: fuzzy with the facts

She’s often as selective with the evidence as Vote Leave is.

8 June 2016

Support free movement? Then vote against the EU

It's time to explode the myth that Brussels is pro-migration.

7 June 2016

It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s a fight for democracy

On the EU, ignore the expert and trust the public, says Frank Furedi.