For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

10 September 2008

Hell hath no fury like a Eurocrat scorned

A leaked briefing reveals why officials think they lost the Irish referendum: because there’s ‘too much’ press freedom.

23 June 2008

After the Irish ‘No’ vote: pathologising populism

The EU elites’ Mugabe-style disdain for their populist opponents only shows how cut off they are from the people of Europe.

16 June 2008

Now it’s clear: the EU is an alien imposition in Europe

They have been libelled as an uneducated ‘horde’, yet Irish voters’ rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is a brilliant blow against the EU oligarchy.

16 June 2008

‘After all the money you got. Ungrateful b*stards’

DUBLIN: Kevin Rooney reports on the Irish elite’s fury at the ‘unspeakable’ mass who dared to reject the Treaty.

16 June 2008

‘The plan now is to quarantine Ireland’

BRUSSELS: The Brussels correspondent for the Daily Telegraph reports on the EU’s plans to forge ahead.

16 June 2008

‘The Irish are not fun-loving goblins’

PARIS: An Irish writer in France tells of his heated TV debates with the Sarkozian critics of Ireland’s child-like voters.

Ireland: know your place, you ungrateful wretch!

The bile-filled assault on Irish voters who are thinking of rejecting the Lisbon Treaty shows just how corrupt and undemocratic is the EU.

16 April 2008

Why Berlusconi beat the ‘Italian Obama’

What a third term for the ‘Jesus Christ’ of Italian politics reveals about democracy, corruption and the cult of personality.

Brown’s ‘Manchurian’ attack on democracy

Last night’s debate on the Lisbon Treaty finally exposed the New Labour government’s deep-seated fear of consulting the public.

28 January 2008

If you believe in Europe, then reject this Treaty

Those of us committed to true European ideals should challenge the EU oligarchy's disdain for democracy and demand a referendum.