10 December 2008

Liberal tyranny on the World Wide Web

The champions of mandatory filtering are not Australia’s Christian Right but its PC, feministic, leftish elite.

16 April 2008

The faulty ‘2020’ vision of Australian liberals

The ‘national conversation’ organised by Kevin Rudd shows that Australian left-liberals have more faith in the state than the people.

19 February 2008

Aboriginal apology: a sorry spectacle

Kevin Rudd’s celebrated utterance of the S-word for past wrongs against aboriginal communities was deeply paternalistic.

11 December 2007

The pitter patter of tiny carbon footprints

It sounds like a joke from Monty Python’s University of Woolloomooloo, yet the Aussies proposing a carbon tax on newborns are serious.

27 November 2007

The Rudd to nowhere

What the victory of Kevin Rudd's Labor Party in Australia reveals about John Howard, the Culture Wars and the state of contemporary electoral politics.

24 May 2007

Jindabyne: a guilt-trip from Down Under

The latest big film from Australia wants to be a deep study of the country's racial politics, but it's just a shallow take on a classic short story.

15 March 2007

Australians are uncouth? Rack off!

Last week’s TV column by Patrick West, in which he called Australians ‘white trash’, caused an uproar Down Under. An Aus journalist responds.

9 March 2007

Life in Oz: nothing like Neighbours

Answer me this - if things are so great Down Under, why do so many Aussies leave?

8 December 2006

5/12: the day English cricket died

England's performance in the Ashes was the daddy of all batting collapses.