14 November 2007

Burning down the house

The Arsonists at London's Royal Court Theatre is a firecracker of a play, and provides the sparks for serious debate on nihilism and its apologists.

11 April 2007

The HighTide of new theatre?

Harp-playing, incest and 7/7: a festival in deepest, darkest Suffolk showcases the work of yoof-ish British playwrights.

4 December 2006

Frost/Nixon: 'An intellectual Rocky'

Peter Morgan's dramatisation of David Frost's interview with the disgraced US president gives a very human take on a little slice of history.

13 November 2006

Why did they put me in a cardigan?

In my first-ever depiction on the London stage the actor gets my words right, but my look wrong.

30 August 2006

I Am Nobody’s Lunch

A song-and-dance show in Edinburgh about contemporary cynicism and mistrust? It might sound weird, but it works.

21 August 2006

Always look on the Shi’ite side of life

Religion is all the rage at the Edinburgh Festival this year. But is it all just self-satisfied liberals endlessly reprising The Life of Brian?

23 December 2005

The Blue Man Group

A great show - if you're a five-year-old.

9 December 2005

Pinter: good playwright, bad politician

Harold Pinter's Nobel speech highlighted the chasm between his literary insights and childish worldview.

18 October 2005

When it comes to politics, can we have a Pinteresque silence?

The same qualities that make Harold Pinter a great dramatist also make him a bad activist.

6 October 2005

Playing with fire

David Edgar's new play on riots and race relations makes a surprisingly lively drama out of local government reform.