12 June 2015

Why 50/50 quotas are half-arsed

Headlong Theatre’s pledge to commission 50 per cent female playwrights reeks of moral grandstanding.

Why I’m not celebrating Billy Elliot’s 10th birthday

This film/musical is nasty piece of ideology from which no one may dissent.

5 February 2015

The Hard Problem: dodging the big questions

Tom Stoppard’s latest play is an insubstantial pageant of artful materialism.

23 January 2015

Stephen Sondheim: a puzzling genius

The secret of the lyricist-composer’s success? Hard work, a love of crosswords and brilliant librettos.

28 November 2014

Theory and thuggery in the slums of Bombay

David Hare’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers: a portrait of poverty that lacks perspective.

12 August 2014

‘The Edinburgh Fringe has failed us - and failed freedom’

The Israeli theatre group shut down by an anti-Israel mob talks to spiked.