Guns and shooting

Guns and shooting

8 November 2007

Finnish school shooting: self-loathing goes global

In declaring ‘war against humanity’, might 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen have been doing his bit to save the planet?

18 April 2007

Virginia Tech: a massacre without meaning

The response to the horrific shootings runs the risk of spreading fear and loathing beyond VT’s dorms to society at large.

18 April 2007

No law can stop a school shooting spree

What kind of security-on-campus measure could possibly prevent a maniac from lining people up and shooting them?

20 February 2007

Shooting down the myth of the ‘gun culture’

For all the hysterical claims about ‘teen gun gangs’ holding whole suburbs hostage, gun crime in Britain remains very rare.