Guns and shooting

Guns and shooting

4 August 2010

Why shouldn’t we have the right to pack heat?

It’s almost blasphemy to say this, but it needs to be said: Britain’s gun laws should be massively relaxed.

7 June 2010

Is there a Derrick Bird inside us all?

Some have responded to the Cumbria massacre by calling for the kind of gun controls beloved of the Stasi.

12 March 2009

Gun control: a useless shot in the dark

Germany has some of the tightest gun controls in the world, but that didn’t stop yesterday’s school shooting.

24 September 2008

Time to shoot down this anti-human outlook

While the existence of homicidal lunatics, like Finnish gunman Maati Saari, is nothing new, the wider cultural resonance of their actions is.

11 August 2008

Fear is no way to defend the right to bear arms

The push for new laws to allow guns on campus is built on the same irrational panic that fuels the campaign for gun controls.

8 April 2008

Gunning for Chuck

Charlton Heston’s defence of gun ownership was far more honourable than the cynical fear-mongering of his elitist, liberal critics.

5 December 2007

...‘gun culture’?

The connection between gun ownership and homicide is a myth - but gun control is a serious restriction on our freedom.

12 November 2007

From Finland to west London: a culture of death?

The Finnish school shooter and Britain’s ‘Lyrical Terrorist’ seem worlds apart. Yet both are products of the globalisation of misanthropy.

8 November 2007

Finnish school shooting: self-loathing goes global

In declaring ‘war against humanity’, might 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen have been doing his bit to save the planet?

18 April 2007

Virginia Tech: a massacre without meaning

The response to the horrific shootings runs the risk of spreading fear and loathing beyond VT’s dorms to society at large.