Guns and shooting

Guns and shooting

2 October 2015

What’s wrong with owning firearms?

In this WORLDbytes special on gun controls, Canadian academic and author Kevin Yuill shoots from the hip.

3 September 2015

Virginia: the culture of complaint turns lethal

The most striking thing about Vester Flanagan was his self-pity.

19 September 2014

Swiss girls just wanna have guns

Rob Lyons reports from Zurich's annual shooting competition – for schoolchildren.

16 June 2014

It’s anti-gun hysteria that’s off the charts

Obama’s call for action on US gun control is grounded on half-truths and misinformation.

19 September 2013

Ban the evil of horse riding now!

When will our legislators act to end this senseless equine-related carnage?

9 January 2013

Gun laws shouldn’t be written by ghosts

Second Amendment rights are important, but the idea that they should never change, even in the light of new facts, is just irrational.

9 January 2013

Newtown: ‘a 9/11
for gun control’?

Both liberals and the right responded to the dreadful Sandy Hook massacre by denigrating liberty.