Science and technology
Science and technology
17 April 2003

Debating ‘designer babies’

Personal reproductive choices should not be a matter for legal regulation.

19 February 2003

Going for Golden Rice

Green protesters should stop caricaturing GM, and consider its benefits for the developing world.

28 August 2002

Eroding expertise

Scientists should listen to public concerns, not pander to them.

2 August 2002

Rocking our world?

Asteroids are unlikely to wipe us out - but they could help us to learn the secrets of the universe.

More Festival than Science

What are science festivals for? To inspire, educate, communicate complex ideas in an accessible way?

14 February 2002

GM food: putting fear before facts

The Royal Society, the UK's premier scientific body, thinks GM food is safe. So why did its report spin such scary headlines?

29 November 2001

Stop stemming the research

For stem cell research to fulfil its potential, US scientists need to develop more backbone.

25 September 2001

The good, the bad and the therapy

The way the web was viewed after the terrorist attacks on America revealed the extent of our love/hate relationship with the internet.

GM: past, present and future

Mankind has been modifying crops for thousands of years - so why is there such hostility to genetically modified food?

9 August 2001

Not in front of the children?

Standards of free speech on the internet should surely be set by adults.