Science and technology
Science and technology
5 August 2003

Shevaun and the scaremongers

How the elopement of a 12-year-old girl became a morality tale about the dangers of the internet.

5 August 2003

Too many people?

A new campaign for population control in Britain sees humans as a problem, rather than the solution.

31 July 2003

Blog-standard politics

Could blogging MPs reinvigorate the electorate?

25 June 2003

Spam: put a lid on it

The proposed cures for email spam are often worse than the disease.

24 June 2003

Big Brother and the ballot box

Text voting won't resuscitate the body politic.

24 June 2003

Phoney friends

Why are we getting intimate with our mobiles?

24 June 2003

IVF babies: life chances

The birth of IVF ‘saviour sibling’ Jamie Whitaker in the USA should prompt the UK to re-think how it regulates fertility treatment.

17 June 2003

Computing communities

Software geeks are turning into social engineers.

13 June 2003

Risky living

Why do we fear things that are as rare as getting struck by lightning?

5 June 2003

Modified discussion

An attendee at the UK government's first 'public debate' on GM food came away none the wiser.