Science and technology
Science and technology
11 April 2014

Hi-tech Malthusianism does progress no favours

Tyler Cowen’s new book underestimates the benefits society could reap from new technology.

7 April 2014

Brazil: Not the Web We Want

Brazil's internet bill of rights is more concerned with advancing national interests than internet freedom.

3 April 2014

Making the case for shale gas and oil

Both advocates and critics of fracking have it wrong. Also, both use the wrong word.

27 March 2014

Oculus VR:
a gaming revolution

Virtual reality is the Next Big Thing - it really will transform games playing.

25 March 2014

Using NASA to scare the masses into action

An apocalyptic report touted by doom-monger Nafeez Ahmed says more about its promoters than it does about civilisation's future.

30 December 2013

Climate change: our ‘greatest challenge’?

Events in 2013 showed just how cut off from reality climate-change alarmists have become.

26 November 2013

Putting the human soul on the slab

Human behaviour cannot be understood through brain scans.