17 July 2007

Lunatics about asylum

Why are both sides of Britain's immigration debate scaremongering about our allegedly overpopulated island?

...human trafficking?

Nathalie Rothschild says the promiscuous use of the term 'trafficking' to describe migration across borders is leading to new and stringent restrictions on free movement around the world.

...the British National Party?

Is the far right on the rise in Britain?

22 March 2007

Is it ethical to be against immigration?

Our ethical columnist on the need to start reducing the population.

19 March 2007

Are immigrants eating our identity?

In debates about citizenship, health and education, the government is displacing its own crisis of identity on to newcomers.

If we want open borders, we need open debate

The Oxford students calling for the censure of an anti-immigration professor are selling short both the case for open borders and academic freedom.

17 January 2007

Ghosts in the immigration machine

Nick Broomfield’s film about the Morecambe Bay tragedy is emotive, but it fails to ask any probing questions.

24 August 2006

Another million Eastern European immigrants? Let them in!

The UK government’s proposed restrictions on immigration from the new EU states are motivated by mean-spirited NIMBYism.

22 June 2006

Trafficking in dubious horror stories

Meet the unholy alliance of Bushies, Christians and feminists trying to convince us that World Cup 2006 is a cesspit of trafficked women and sex-slavery.

After the ‘day without immigrants’

The marches and strikes by 'illegal' workers should be an inspiration to all Americans.