1 November 2007

One million new foreign workers? Three cheers!

Down with the ‘cohesion killjoys’ who claim that mass immigration to Britain is causing social breakdown and environmental pollution.

24 September 2007

Jumping over the citizenship hurdle

In testing immigrants on housing, banking and saints' days, the UK Citizenship Test sucks all the zest out of what it means to be a citizen.

17 September 2007

Gatwick No Border camp:
a positive airport protest?

After the Heathrow Climate Camp demanded curbs on travel and freedom of movement, meet the radical campers calling for free migration.

17 September 2007

Poor arguments against low-paid work

Ken Loach's new film captures the misery created by immigration controls. But he's wrong to blame only 'the right wing' for migrants' woes.

24 July 2007

Let's remake America the 'Land of the Free'

Immigrants to the US are no threat to jobs or security: they're citizens-in-waiting who should be welcomed by all who care for liberty and progress.

17 July 2007

Lunatics about asylum

Why are both sides of Britain's immigration debate scaremongering about our allegedly overpopulated island?

...human trafficking?

Nathalie Rothschild says the promiscuous use of the term 'trafficking' to describe migration across borders is leading to new and stringent restrictions on free movement around the world.

...the British National Party?

Is the far right on the rise in Britain?

22 March 2007

Is it ethical to be against immigration?

Our ethical columnist on the need to start reducing the population.

19 March 2007

Are immigrants eating our identity?

In debates about citizenship, health and education, the government is displacing its own crisis of identity on to newcomers.