6 February 2017

Gambling with people’s autonomy

MPs’ attack on FOBTs makes problem gamblers of us all.

13 June 2016

A Named Person speaks out

A youth worker on why he’s opposed to the SNP’s Named Person scheme.

20 August 2015

Tianjin was a tragedy, not comeuppance

Too many in the West are seeing a disaster as a moral lesson.

19 March 2015

Prevent: a very risky strategy

The UK’s clueless counterterrorism strategy sees threats everywhere.

13 February 2015

Kids need the freedom to play

Children lose out when their every pastime is supervised.

20 October 2014

Ebola: the culture of fear goes viral

The real threat to the West does not come from ebola.

6 August 2014

Fear not, ebola won't wipe us out

Misanthropes are using the disease to spread unfounded fears.