18 August 2008

NATO, but not as they know it

After Georgia: The crisis in the Caucasus reveals the West’s Cold War-era peace-keeping alliance as a force of instability and division today.

18 August 2008

The myth of a plucky republic

After Georgia: Far from ‘defending democracy’, Saakashvili and his backers have robbed Georgians of any real say over their fate.

11 August 2008

Georgia: the messy truth behind the morality tale

The black-and-white reading of the horrific violence in South Ossetia overlooks the role of the ‘war on terror’ in destabilising the region.

27 December 2007

He’s a son of a bitch, but he’s their son of a bitch

Western observers loathe Time Man of the Year Vladimir Putin’s aggressive nationalism. But he is widely supported by the Russian people.

Litvinenko: still blaming ‘backward Russia’

A Russian academic in London asks why British commentators are so keen to find Russia itself guilty of the dissident's murder.

16 April 2007

A new Russian revolution? Get real

Another Russia, the anti-Putin campaign group, commands the front pages of the Western press. But it hasn’t impressed the Russian people.

16 April 2007

Remembering the Moscow Trials

Amid today's craze for anniversaries, there's one episode in history that nobody – especially on the left – wants to talk about.

Caught up in a new Cold War

When we interviewed Alexander Litvinenko, we had no idea we would end up being branded as Kremlin agents.

30 November 2006

Putting Russia in the frame

The response to Alexander Litvinenko’s death implies that all Russians are collectively guilty of skulduggery.

27 November 2006

Alexander Litvinenko: a murder mystery, not a Cold War thriller

Why are some in the West using the death of a former spy to redraw the East-West divide?