16 April 2007

Remembering the Moscow Trials

Amid today's craze for anniversaries, there's one episode in history that nobody – especially on the left – wants to talk about.

Caught up in a new Cold War

When we interviewed Alexander Litvinenko, we had no idea we would end up being branded as Kremlin agents.

30 November 2006

Putting Russia in the frame

The response to Alexander Litvinenko’s death implies that all Russians are collectively guilty of skulduggery.

27 November 2006

Alexander Litvinenko: a murder mystery, not a Cold War thriller

Why are some in the West using the death of a former spy to redraw the East-West divide?

8 September 2004

Beslan: the real international connection

Western intervention helped to create the new ruthless cross-border terrorism.

3 September 2004

One lesson of the Russian school siege

Terrorism's real targets are our greatest fears.