23 December 2014

The year the Culture Wars went global

Turning geopolitics into a battlefield over values is a really bad idea.

The West’s cynical milking of the Ukraine air tragedy

The West is grotesquely trying to rebuild its prestige on the debris of MH17.

23 June 2014

Don’t blame Russia for the anti-fracking panic

It isn’t Moscow's money that fuels fracking protests – it’s Europe’s own turn against development.

23 May 2014

Modi, Conchita and Farage: three men of the people?

In our new podcast, we discuss the clash between the elites and the public.

13 May 2014

Ukraine: the Culture Wars turn bloody

The instability in Ukraine is a product of a West-v-East battle over values.

Ukraine: Western double standards hit a new low

Media coverage of the Ukraine crisis isn’t journalism – it’s script-writing.

24 March 2014

The infantile diplomacy behind demonising Russia

The self-righteousness of the West’s new Russia-bashers is astonishing.

It is the West, not Russia, that has behaved recklessly in Ukraine

Western observers ditch their critical faculties whenever Russia is involved.

10 February 2014

Gay-loving Westerners vs redneck Russia

The hysteria over Sochi confirms that the Culture Wars have gone global.

30 December 2013

The dangers of demonising Russia

The bombings in Volgograd show how foolish it is to politicise the Sochi Games.