26 July 2018

The madness of war with Iran

Surely even Trump isn’t so unstable that he desires such a venture?

12 July 2018

Dancing for freedom

Three cheers for the Iranian women defying their regime.

17 May 2018

Why demonising Iran is a dangerous game

Trump’s blundersome approach is escalating Israel-Iran tensions.

9 May 2018

Trump’s dangerous Iran obsession

America’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal will stoke tension in the Middle East.

8 January 2016

Saudi Arabia vs Iran: much more than a religious war

The Saudi-Iran tensions speak to the exhaustion of politics.

21 July 2015

Iran has a right to have nuclear weapons

There's nothing moral about telling other states what weapons they may have.

23 February 2012

Exploding the myth
of the Iranian Bomb

How much evidence is there that Iran is developing deadly WMDs, as Western leaders constantly claim? Not much at all. None, in fact.

5 December 2011

Britain vs Iran: the politics of nostalgia

Who’s more deluded: Iranian students who think Britain’s still an imperial threat, or British ministers who fantasise that Iran is EVIL?

9 November 2011

Colonialism in weapons inspectors’ clothing

Far from being politically neutral, nuke-hunting weapons inspectors are thoroughly in hock to Western interests.

5 August 2009

The UN’s Twitter war against nukes

Why Ban Ki-moon’s teenage Twittering about the evil of nuclear weapons has only 1,064 followers.