Slavery and trafficking

Slavery and trafficking

27 November 2013

The half-truths and wild claims of the Brixton slave story

There is only one word to describe this slavery tale: bullshit.

25 November 2013

‘Slavery’ in London: an hysterical morality tale

We denigrate history’s victims of slavery with our misuse of the s-word.

19 December 2011

Californian anti-serf dudes, get real

An Oakland start-up has received millions from Google to reduce our ‘slavery footprint’. Is this wise?

29 September 2010

Sexual enslavement at the Ryder Cup?

After spreading mad scares during the Olympics and World Cup, now anti-traffickers are turning their attentions to golf.

7 September 2010

Fighting against slavery? Pull the other one

Anti-traffickers promiscuously use the s-word in order to present themselves as heroic rescuers of fallen women.

26 March 2007

Who's not sorry now?

The bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade has become a field day for the new politics of apologism.

A witness to cheap self-flagellation

The 'Walk of Witness' to apologise for the slave trade captured today’s use and abuse of past atrocities for political (and religious) ends.

23 March 2007

Chaining black youth to the victim culture

Are the commemorations of the abolition of the slave trade helping to foster fatalism amongst young black Britons?

Slave Britain: chained to an outdated label

Describing trafficking as the 'new slavery' might flatter the egos of those who campaign against it, but it does little to challenge today's injustices.

14 February 2007

Exposed: the myth of the World Cup ‘sex slaves’

It was widely claimed that 40,000 women would be trafficked into Germany as prostitutes during the 2006 World Cup. New EU reports seen by spiked suggest that nothing of the sort happened.