Ask Ethan

Ask Ethan

14 November 2008

Is it ethical to buy a spiked t-shirt?

Our ethical columnist loses the plot over clothing that declares ‘Humanity is underrated’.

3 October 2008

Is it ethical to laugh at the financial crisis?

Our ethical columnist does a jig at the downfall of the anthropocentric, wealth-generating nightmare that is the world economy.

8 September 2008

Is it ethical to support Sarah Palin?

Why our ethical columnist has no time for the gun-toting, pro-life wannabe VP.

28 August 2008

Is it ethical to use toilet paper?

Our ethical columnist explains the proper way to wipe away the damage we inflict on the planet.

22 August 2008

Is it ethical to take fat kids into care?

Why obese children are a heavy burden for Gaia to bear - and why they must be kept away from their resource-guzzling parents.

8 August 2008

Is it ethical to boycott Beijing?

Our ethical columnist discusses the Beijing Olympics

Is it ethical to be an ethical lifestyle adviser?

Our ethical columnist draws the attention of his fellow advisers to some basic rules of the trade.