10 June 2003

Looking back in anger

John Harris, author of The Last Party, on New Labour's fleeting flirtation with Britpop

10 June 2003


The draft European Constitution reveals a deep political malaise at the heart of the EU.

Capital of Complaints

Liverpool's unique cultural signature dwells on a sense of victimhood.

Democracy by default?

Twaddle over the EU constitution misreads the continent's muddled history.

4 June 2003

We're all conspiracy theorists now

Brits are closer to those Rocky Mountain nutters than we like to admit.

22 May 2003

Withering the EU

The single currency really is a very exciting and important question.

22 May 2003

Suspicious policy

Why is Downing Street so bothered about whether people trust each other?

20 May 2003

A (really) private affair

JFK's intern 'Mimi' demonstrates the virtue of oral restraint.

25 February 2003

Sudan 1: a Pot Noodle of a panic

spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

11 April 2002

The not-so-new imperialism

The UK Foreign Policy Centre's pamphlet on Reordering the World is controversial for one reason: its use of the language of old-fashioned realpolitik instead of new human rights-speak.