20 November 2003

Fraser Inquiry: a costly investigation

Poking around in the foundations of the Holyrood building will undermine the Scottish Parliament even further.

20 November 2003

Bring down Hodge - but not for this

The disturbing case of the UK children's minister and the offended abuse victim.

19 November 2003

Anti-Bush protests: the personal is not political

President Bush has become the symbol of one minority it is deemed politically correct to hate.

17 November 2003

Bush-bashing in the UK

What's so special about this US president?

14 November 2003

Is Iraq the new Vietnam?

Why the memory of Vietnam is haunting both coalition supporters and critics in Iraq.

13 November 2003

The more they talk about 'choice', the less we get

Whether it's selecting the sex of their baby or smoking in public, people should have the right to make the 'wrong' choices.

13 November 2003

'Debt addiction': don't buy it

It's not weak-willed consumers but a weak economy that is to blame for Britain's rising debt.

7 November 2003

War - what was it for?

It will take more than cookies and speeches to boost coalition troops' morale.

6 November 2003

Occupational shifts

Handing responsibility for Iraq from the Pentagon to the White House could end up inflaming the violence.

31 October 2003

Hooray Howard?

Claims of a Tory leadership solution have been greatly exaggerated.