29 March 2004

Do democracy a favour

...and abolish the House of Lords. Read spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London).

24 March 2004

A muddled attack

Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was a last-ditch attempt to cohere itself.

24 March 2004

Building a ‘multiethnic’ tinderbox

Ethnic turmoil in Kosovo is the result of five years of UN and NATO meddling.

17 March 2004

‘Electable’ - but what else?

John Kerry is the 'Anyone But Bush' candidate.

17 March 2004

Beyond the Growth Fetish

Is money really making us miserable?

15 March 2004

Spain: a victory for peace, or for defeatism?

The message of the Spanish elections seems to be ‘make it all go away’, ‘stop the world, we want to get off’.

12 March 2004

After Madrid: a strange sort of solidarity

If people are uncertain as to who they are uniting against, they seem even less sure of what they are standing up for.

10 March 2004

The heart of the matter

The pulse of political life shouldn't be tested by gossip about the state of the prime minister's health.

10 March 2004

What’s the big idea?

More blogging by Britain's MPs and ministers is likely to reduce politics to the level of a webchat.

10 March 2004

Don’t mention the war

From WMD to the question of legality, every facet of the Iraq conflict has been publicly debated. Except one: the war itself.