18 February 2004


Both the coalition and its critics read what they want into the actions of the faceless insurgents in Iraq.

18 February 2004

Suffering for herself

What use is MP Jenny Tonge's 'empathy' to the Palestinians?

13 February 2004

Blair’s long retreat into ‘lifestyle’ politics

New Labour's big idea for improving life in Britain? Ban happy hours in pubs.

12 February 2004

After Morecambe Bay

The cocklers' tragedy has been turned into a Dickensian melodrama.

10 February 2004

How they won the war, but lost the plot

The coalition brought the WMD debacle upon itself.

2 February 2004

A tyranny of inquiries

The UK's disturbing tendency to leave politics to judges.

29 January 2004

After Hutton

Those who pinned their hopes on the Hutton Inquiry have pulled off the remarkable achievement of making the Blair government look good.

27 January 2004

WMD: 'Wasn't My Decision'

As the coalition finds no 'shiny, pointy things' in Iraq, everyone is dodging responsibility for the decision to invade.

26 January 2004

'This is the hangover of a major bubble'

Doug Henwood discusses his new book, After the New Economy.

23 January 2004

'You are only allowed to see Bosnia in black and white'

Dutch intelligence expert Cees Wiebes tells how America allowed Iran to provide the Bosnian Muslims with weapons and Mujihadeen - and why so few in the Western media reported it.