27 April 2004

Dead men talking?

A row over pictures of dead Americans and Iraqis is a sorry substitute for a debate about war.

27 April 2004

The Party’s Over

The author of a new book on the collapse of the British parliamentary system offers his suggestions for building something different from the rubble.

22 April 2004

All quiet on the home front

The Democrats' focus on appearing 'electable' has stopped them from winning arguments.

21 April 2004

Israel: the state they love to hate

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on why there is little positive in today's Israel-bashing.

21 April 2004

Blair’s EU-turn: British politics all at sea

The only certainty today is that anything can happen.

30 March 2004

Madrid ‘blueprint’: a dodgy document

How did an unsigned posting on an internet message board come to be seen as proof of an al-Qaeda plot to bring down the Spanish government? Brendan O'Neill investigates.

29 March 2004

Do democracy a favour

...and abolish the House of Lords. Read spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London).

24 March 2004

A muddled attack

Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was a last-ditch attempt to cohere itself.

24 March 2004

Building a ‘multiethnic’ tinderbox

Ethnic turmoil in Kosovo is the result of five years of UN and NATO meddling.

17 March 2004

‘Electable’ - but what else?

John Kerry is the 'Anyone But Bush' candidate.