10 December 2014

Ignore the ‘plague’ panic – mankind is beating AIDS

We have pretty much tamed the AIDS virus. So why won’t we celebrate?

24 November 2014

Why Labour loathes White Van Man

Emily Thornberry’s tweet captured her party’s disdain for its former voters.

19 November 2014

Democracy is dying. Here’s how to revive it

Our dilapidated democracy just needs one thing: bigger, better ideas.

10 November 2014

25 years after the Berlin Wall fell, a Culture Wall has replaced it

Why the fall of the wall did not herald a new golden age of politics.

7 November 2014

The Democrats are running on empty

The US midterms exposed the Obama administration’s utter exhaustion.

27 October 2014

Has Russell Brand really destroyed the lefty weft?

Nope – he’s merely the bastard child of the left's own self-induced decay.

1 October 2014

Yugoslavia, Scotland and the end of nation

After the Scottish independence referendum, Britain should learn the lessons of Yugoslavia.

30 September 2014

Vote for the invisible zombie parties!

Could 2015 break records for the most anti-democratic UK election?

30 September 2014

The EU’s culture war against the people

Populist movements like UKIP expose the EU’s estrangement from everyday life.

25 September 2014

NZ: the limits of scandal-mongering

New Zealand’s opposition parties need to offer more than Wikileaked conspiracy theories.