19 January 2017

Labour: from socialism to miserabilism

Corbynistas are made more outraged by the rich than by poverty.

19 January 2017

Can we destroy civil liberties? Yes we can

Obama was worse for freedom and peace than Bush was.

18 January 2017

Trump and Obama: foreign-policy bedfellows

Both men are reluctant interventionists, but no less dangerous for that.

16 January 2017

For Hunt, the party’s over

But the Corbynistas are as aloof as the 'Blairites'.

12 January 2017

Yes, Obama, democracy is in danger – but not from voters

His speech put a ‘democratic’ spin on age-old elite prejudices.

5 January 2017

The teaching assistants who took on the system

Durham TAs show us how to challenge pay cuts.

4 January 2017

The problem with facts

Political life cannot be driven by ‘evidence’ alone.

3 January 2017

Russia-bashing: the world’s most dangerous blame game

The conspiracy theory of seeing Putin’s hand in everything.

29 December 2016

spiked’s heroes of the year

Our favourite people who defied the odds in 2016.