The invisible election

PODCAST: Brendan O'Neill on voting in an era of post-politics.

5 May 2015

A bikini-clad celebration of weakness

Ella Whelan reports from the protest against Protein World's beach-body ad.

30 April 2015

The SNP: playing the anti-politics card to gain power

Sturgeon is bashing 'Westminster insiders' in the hope of becoming one.

27 April 2015

Ben Affleck: a slave to identity politics

From multiculturalists to feminists, too many think that we are defined by our inheritance.

23 April 2015

The black hole where the election ought to be

The UK election is a sham. It’s time for a whole new politics.

13 April 2015

The rise of Hillary and the death of politics

Clinton’s gender-obsessed campaign confirms the end of political life.

27 March 2015

They’re all Lib Dems now

The rootless politics embodied by Clegg is now widespread in Westminster.

24 March 2015

Why isn’t Farage entitled to a bit of privacy, too?

The media’s complicity in Sunday’s pub stunt reeks of double standards.

18 March 2015

Blair: the whipping boy of ideas-lite Labourites

Bereft of vision, Miliband now cynically sells himself as Not Blair.