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9 July 2013

Barbara Hewson on the Jimmy Savile affair and the age of consent

Barbara Hewson was interviewed on Channel 4 News about why she thinks it is time to lower the age of consent and why the cases arising from Operation Yewtree should never have been pursued.

8 July 2013

Brendan O'Neill on ABC Radio: episode two

Brendan O’Neill’s second Counterpoint show on ABC Radio in Australia covered the culture wars: what are they, when did they start, and who’s winning them? (mp3 format)

8 July 2013

The future of the monarchy

Rob Lyons took part in this discussion for Voice of Russia World Service on how much the royals cost and whether it is time to get rid of the monarchy altogether.

4 July 2013

Brendan O’Neill on ABC Radio: episode one

Brendan O’Neill guest-hosted Counterpoint on ABC Radio in Australia for three weeks. Listen to his first episode, on the importance of asserting free will against new forms of scientific determinism (mp3 format).

26 June 2013

The Rudd/Gillard back-stabbing bonanza

On his Telegraph blog, Brendan O’Neill argues that the power struggle in the Australian Labor Party shows how exhausted labour politics has become - and how it has descended into personalised faction-fighting.

22 June 2013

In defence of individualism

Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator on how we live in a society bereft of individualism and why that’s a very bad thing.

19 June 2013

Social mobility can't be created by a tsar

Politicians pay lip service to social mobility, while implicitly nodding through a profoundly anti-mobile culture, writes Brendan O’Neill in his Big Issue column.

10 June 2013

Daily Mail and Richard Littlejohn did not kill Lucy Meadows

Mick Hume in Press Gazette on how the death of a transgender teacher was used to call for restrictions on press freedom.

25 May 2013

Shot down

In the Spectator, Brendan O’Neill argues that anti-vaccination activists are nuts, but they are also victims of intolerance.