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28 August 2013

Is there any creature more ridiculous than the agitating intern?

Brendan O’Neill writes for the Spectator about why interns don’t deserve pay and how the ‘intern justice’ movement is breeding a sense of entitlement among the modern youth.

28 August 2013

A disturbing new tort of intolerance

The spate of civil actions made under the Equality Act are intolerant and illiberal, writes Jon Holbrook in the New Law Journal.

28 August 2013

Red tape keeps international artists from taking the stage

By barring another foreign director from entering the country, the UK Border Agency is undermining the international spirit of the Edinburgh festivals, writes Tiffany Jenkins in the Scotsman.

28 August 2013

The Marconi Scam: a seminal panic about defence IT

James Woudhuysen explains how the 100-year-old IT scandal has patterned out much of the recent panics over Snowden, Huawei and globalisation, on IDG Connect.

28 August 2013

How the Guardian helped turn the state into the judge, jury and executioner of journalism

The Guardian politics blog quotes Brendan O’Neill’s spiked editorial exposing the paper’s hypocrisy over the Miranda affair.

28 August 2013

China struggles to engineer a robot revolution

Dominated by foreign suppliers and blighted by labour shortages, China is lagging in the robotics race, argues James Woudhuysen on China Outlook

8 August 2013

Joanna Williams: work is where the heart is

Academic work and well-being are not contradictory, they go hand-in-hand, argues spiked’s education editor in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

7 August 2013

‘The internet is an adult sphere’

The death of 14-year-old Hannah Smith is tragic, but it’s the role of the parents, not the law, to guard against online bullying, says Brendan O’Neill on Radio 5 Live yesterday.



2 August 2013

‘You cannot be free from being insulted’

On Channel 4 News, spiked law editor Luke Gittos debated the issue of trolling and Twitter abuse with journalist Laurie Penny. View the debate here:

12 July 2013

Brendan O'Neill on ABC Radio: episode three

Brendan O’Neill’s third episode of Counterpoint for ABC Radio explored freedom of speech and how its importance might be recovered and restated in the twenty-first century (mp3 format).