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25 October 2013

'Public interest' preachers are enemies of press freedom

Mick Hume’s spiked piece about the DPP and the elitist myth of the ‘public interest’ has been republished in The Australian.

22 October 2013

Barbara Hewson - 100 Women

Barrister and spiked contributor Barbara Hewson has been selected to take part in the BBC’s 100 Women project - a unique day of debate and discussion at Broadcasting House on 25 October.

21 October 2013

‘Words do hurt, but it all depends on how you interpret it’

Helene Guldberg appeared on The Why Factor on BBC World Service, discussing the difficulty of defining bullying.

9 October 2013

Brendan O'Neill answers the question ‘what makes us human?’ on BBC Radio 2

Appearing on the Jeremy Vine show, Brendan argues that it is our ability to change and remake the world in our image that defines humanity. In the extended interview that follows, he discusses his Irish Catholic upbringing and why he joined the Revolutionary Communist Party. Click the title to listen.

6 October 2013

Let’s defend the liberty of the press to be a raucous, trouble-making mess

As the Privy Council are set to consider two proposals for a new press regulator next week, Ralph-gate has served as a prime piece of pro-Leveson propaganda, writes Mick Hume in the Sun on Sunday.

4 October 2013

Zoe Williams quotes Tim Black and Brendan O'Neill

In her Guardian column today, Zoe Williams reflects upon the public reaction to cases of child murder and neglect, quoting Tim Black’s spiked article on Daniel Pelka, and Brendan O’Neill’s previous comments on the Baby P case.

27 September 2013

‘The Savile Affair was hijacked by crusaders’

Barbara Hewson was interviewed by The Times about the post-Savile witch-hunt.

27 September 2013

Bundestagswahl: Mutti kann's nicht

Bruno Waterfield’s article on the re-election of Angela Merkel and the Europe-wide infantilisation of the electorate has been republished in German on NovoArgumente.

25 September 2013

‘There is a loss of the aspiration for independence and striking out on your own’

Frank Furedi is quoted on BBC News arguing that new psychological guidelines that extend the period considered ‘adolescence’ to 25 will only reinforce the infantilised culture among young people.

20 September 2013

Ann Furedi hits the headlines over sex-selection abortion

Ann Furedi’s article published on spiked this week, slamming the ignorance and opportunism of politicians calling for prosecutions over sex-selection abortions, has been causing a stir in the British press.

An article in the Telegraph, the paper whose recent alarmist expose brought the issue to the forefront of public debate, balked: ‘she even compared [sex-selection abortion] to abortion for rape’, writes Alice Philipson. This fudged Ann’s point that, in the eyes of current law, the two have equal standing as grounds for termination.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail offered a more enlightened take, teasing out Ann’s important overriding point: ‘Mrs Furedi claimed those who want to stop abortion on grounds of sex were hindering the pro-choice movement as much as anti-abortion protesters who picket clinics.’

Similarly, the Independent underlined the article’s insistence that ‘pro choice should mean exactly that’; no ifs or buts.

The Huffington Post UK later picked up on the story, and published the reaction of Professor Jack Scarisbrick, chairman of anti-abortion group LIFE who, following the publication of Ann’s piece, called for an immediate government review of the 1967 abortion act. Scarisbrick completely dodges the core question about the limits of choice, and he seems to have completely misunderstand what the article set out, expressing his bafflement at Ann’s supposed ‘boast[ing]’ that women can have an abortion without the approval of doctors, despite the fact that, under current law, it needs to be signed off by two. Her article never suggested this.

More recently, Mail Online columnist Kathy Gyngell weighed in, declaring Ann’s position ‘perverse and deluded’. Echoing much of the shrill sentiment among critics of sex-selection abortion, she claimed this went beyond the pale of pro-choice feminism: ‘This is not feminism, but the very opposite. It is brutal, institutionalised misogyny on an epic scale.’

The debate rumbles on.